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What Makes Serena Dubai Properties appealing?

What Makes Serena Dubai Properties appealing?

Submitted by • August 12, 2020

What Makes Serena Dubai Properties appealing?
1. Serena offers outstanding contemporary, Spanish themed townhouses, boasting elegant high-quality work surfaces and state of the art air conditioning units.
2. It is a tranquil family-friendly community featuring a large communal park within every one of the above-mentioned subcommunities.
3. Community’s two outdoor swimming pools come with by many benches set alongside for the residents to relax. Nearby BBQ areas offer additional opportunities to enjoy your free time.
4. Sustainability is another beautiful feature of this neighbourhood. Solar panels used to contribute towards powering your property include water heater and air conditioning units. Aside from being eco-friendly, it will significantly reduce your DEWA bills.
5. Serena Shopping Mall offers numerous retail and dining options. In addition to housing well-known companies such as Carrefour, and our own AQUA Properties office. With our presence in Serena community, we ensure that

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