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Weft Feeders Manufacturer in India
Piotex in association with Lgl Electronics brings you Weft feeders that is feeding devices, also known as weft storage feeders or weft accumulators, play a crucial in the weaving machinery where the weft is unwound overhead from the cone and is subjected to abrupt accelerations because to the drawing-off tension exerted by the insertion element. The balloon which is formed at each insertion can cause coil sliding and snarls, owing to the difficulty of braking adequately the yarn and to the high unwinding speed of the yarn from the cone.

The Weft feeders by Lgl Electronics are tied together with various outfits and adjustment possibilities, which vary according to the yarn type and count and to the insertion system used. Each of them is equipped with an independent motor, which speed can be modified within a wide range of values. The feeders can also be connected with the driving unit of the weaving machine and interact with it. Their general structure is presented in the scheme as per figure the thread is taken off from the cone by a thread guide 1 composed of an eyelet obtained on a ring which is put in rotation by an electric motor M. Piotex Ventures deals with various models of weft feeders such as, Weft feeder model technico, Model evolution, model spin, eco-smart, model progress.