Thai Artist Bakes Bread Shaped as Severed Body Parts

You think you have a strong stomach? You think you aren’t squeamish? In my case, I don’t claim that my digestive system is cast iron. I do have strong preferences on rare or raw meat, much to the displeasure of my friends. I won’t also say no to exotic food. Bring in the offal, the animal body parts or the deep-fried bugs. I don’t mind.

But there are stuffs out there that could make me puke, no matter how well prepared it is. As in the case of a bakery somewhere in Thailand.

You may understand my disgust here or laugh at my sensitivity. But believe it or not, you could taste human body parts in that said bakery. You may choose your choice of appendages, from limbs, to head. But before you rush to the nearest Interpol station or organize a mob to lynch whoever came up with this, do calm down because those were not real.

Those were just edible reproductions. Nothing but bread shaped like human body parts. And we could guarantee that no lump of human flesh was used to bake those gory pastries that will make the psycho in you proud.

The Man Behind the Gore
Kittiwat Unarrom holding his masterpiece.

Kittiwat Unarrom is both an artist, and a baker. At the age of 10, this man from Thailand learned how to bake, with his family in the bakery business. He also has a master’s degree in fine arts, and as an undergraduate student, he painted portraits before moving in the mixed media. But somehow, he managed to marry his family baking business, and his artistic passion in such a unique way.

A gory and unsettling way.

When paying a visit to their bakery in Ratchaburi, Thailand, prepare to be shocked.

At first, one might wonder if one really entered a bakery here, because aside from the usual bread and pastries, something else is sold here. And this made their bakery looked something like from a slasher movie.

There are human body parts here!

It got everything that rivals the local morgue, or a prop storage house for a horror film. Amputated hands, feet, torso, and most i