Telling Your Story with the World

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “tell your story to the world” a thousand times. But, what about “tell your story with the world,” have you encountered it already? Notice that the difference between the two statements is only a word. The preposition “to” refers to motion in a certain location of something, as well as in reaching a thing. “With,” on the other hand, is the preposition utilized when pertaining to being accompaniment.

Thus, using the latter makes more sense because you contribute to the many stories, such as the story of a marine’s real-life battles in Vietnam by RC Le Beau, that have already been told. You have the world accompanying you from the start to the end of your storytelling journey. The mere act of sharing your tale can create a remarkable impact on people, such as self-reflection, social awareness, personal development, increased motivation, and more. If you are still wondering about the essence of sharing your story with the world, then here are the points you might want to note.

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