Obtain cardiovascular disease samples for research

What exactly are cardiovascular diseases?

When we hear about cardiovascular disorders, we can imagine that the diseases affect the heart and cardiovascular system. Let us understand more about cardiovascular diseases.

The term "cardiovascular disease (CVD)" describes a group of conditions that impact the anatomy and operation of the heart and blood arteries. It is commonly known as cardiac disorders or heart problems. The leading cause of developing cardiovascular diseases is the complete or partial blockage of blood vessels resulting in reduced blood flow to the heart muscles. Since decades, cardiovascular diseases have ranked on the top list of most prevalent conditions affecting the global population. Moreover, it is a leading cause of major medical emergencies requiring immediate hospitalization and admission to ICUs.

Common cardiovascular diseases include coronary artery diseases (CAD), peripheral arterial diseases, aortic diseases, and issues with heart valves. Despite particular pharmacotherapeutic and surgical procedures to address cardiovascular disorders, they continue to be the world's most common cause of mortality and disability. The best way to prevent the disease is to accurately understand the condition and its risk factors and adopt healthy lifestyles.

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