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Plumbing estimating might sound technical, but at its core, it’s about predicting the costs involved in a plumbing project—everything from materials and labor to unexpected expenses. This isn’t just about... Read More

Fintrade, a trusted Insurance Broker and Financial Advisor, is committed to empowering clients in achieving their diverse financial, insurance, and coverage objectives. With personalized strategies and expert guidance, we strive... Read More

Independent Control Achieve independence through business training, handling invoicing and client payments. Guaranteed Income Guaranteed income for two years, with business growth flexibility and replacements. Affordable Set Up Affordable franchise packages include everything you need to... Read More

Our standards sets us apart from others Customer Focused Everything we do is focused on our customer satisfaction. Excellent Quality Commitment to delivering excellent quality that is superior. Exceptionally Reliable Consistently dependable and trustworthy for all our customers. Superior Standards Maintaining high benchmarks... Read More

At Cleancorp, we pride ourselves on our workmanship and guarantee all our cleaning services. If you’re not satisfied with the job, let us know and we will find a solution... Read More

Customised Cleaning Plans 1 Start an instant quote, or contact us to speak to the sales team. 2 Schedule a site visit, or we can assist you over the phone. 3 Receive a customised solution and... Read More

Small We clean and service small hospitality venues covering areas up to 250m². This includes cafes, coffee shops and small restaurants. Medium We service and maintain medium sized hospitality spaces up to 1000m²,... Read More

As Auckland continues to experience rapid urban growth and development, the plumbing industry is evolving to meet the increasing demands of both residential and commercial sectors. Accurate and efficient plumbing... Read More

In New Zealand’s competitive construction industry, where standards are strict, precise plumbing and drainage estimation is crucial. Errors in estimates can result in legal complications, project delays, and substantial financial... Read More

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