Learn why Architects or Architecture students should embrace BIM

BIM has shown how architects can design modern architecture. The benefits or opportunities are visible to every team member who is involved in the design phase. Within this blog, we will see the benefits or opportunities of using BIM for architects.

Quicker turnaround times with 3D models or rendering

Construction has become more advanced than ever. It has given architects or architecture the potential to create 3D models at highly reduced timescales. Architects do not have to rely on 2D lines, they can leverage the potential and opportunities of Building Information Modeling (BIM) using real-world 3D objects like walls, doors, etc. that create sections, elevation, and a major part of your design process. When a door is placed in 3D, you place an element that appears in sections with accurate elevations and views with pre-defined parameters. This saves on time and budget for clients as 3D models are built quickly.

Collaboration is key for project owners to understand the actual design

BIM has the potential to communicate strongly in terms of design intent. It can be interactive and insightful for project owners to visualize project architecture in a 3D environment using VR/AR technology with the help of photo-realistic 3D renders. Architects do not have to work on different presentations, it’s one model, and a single presentation based on it.

Complete & perpetual coordination makes the design efficient and sustainable.

The design team works in a collaborative environment, wherein it is accessed, analyzed, and edited based on a collaborative effort from various stakeholders.

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