Industrial Dehumidifiers in india

Industrial Dehumidifiers
With more than 85 Years of Expertise and Existence, White WestingHouse USA stands for Quality, Innovation and Performance providing Moisture and Humidity Control Solutions Across the World – Across Europe, America, Asia and Now India.
White Westinghouse is Sold and Serviced in India Since 1995, making it More than 20 Years of Quality and Service to More than 100,000 Satisfied Customers in India.
With Quality Testing and Operational Procedures of Precise American Standards, White WestingHouse, USA has become a name to reckon With in the Segment of Dehumidifiers.
We Boast of the Widest Range of Commercial, Industrial and Home Dehumidifiers to Satisfy the Need of Every Industry, Institutions, Commercial Establishments and Homes.
So Whether You are Looking for a Dehumidifier Machine, Or You want a Dehumidifier for Home use, a Humidity Control Machine, Or You Want to Buy Compact Dehumidifier, Electric Dehumidifier, Mini Dehumidifier, Room Dehumidifier Or Just De Humidifier, You can Bank on us to Buy Dehumidifiers.
Our Dehumidifier Range Includes

Dehumidifiers With HEPA Filters
The Model WD 40 is Specifically Manufactured With an Inbuilt HEPA Filter to Prevent Dust from Circulating in the Room and Keep the Room Clean and Hygienic and Healthy Preventing Bacteria and Viruses from floating in the Air making it the Best Humidity Control Machine Ever Made.

Industrial Dehumidifiers

Industrial Dehumidifiers from White WestingHouse, USA are Specifically Made to Cover Large Industrial Spaces, Manufacturing Areas, Storage Areas as Well as Specific Testing Areas Where Humidity and Moisture Control is Critical.
These Industrial Dehumidifiers are More Rugged, More Stronger than Domestic Dehumidifiers making them Apt for Continuous Usage like Work Horses.
With a Strong Inbuilt Direct Drainage System with a Strong Built In Motor and Pump, these Large Units can Discharge Moisture Collected as Much as 7 – 15 Litres/Hour or 168 – 360 Ltrs/Day.
They Also Incor