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How to install IMAP on Windows live mail ?

How to install IMAP on Windows live mail ?

Submitted by • February 13, 2020

If you want to know about how to install IMAP on Windows Live Mail and configure Thunderbird Email setup. Mail-setup helps you to fix it out in an easy way.
Step 1:
Launch Windows Live Mail.
Step 2:
Go to the Accounts tab and click Email .
Step 3:
Configure the email settings.
Step 4:
Type the email address and password .
Step 5:
View the settings and check the option Manually Configure server settings.
Step 6:
Hit Next.
Step 7:
Select IMAP (port: 143; SSL port :993)
Step 8:
Enter the incoming server address.
Step 9:
Enable the option Requires a secure connection (SSL)
Step 10:
Choose Clear Text.
Step 11:
Copy your outgoing server address as follows: SMTP (port : 2525; SSL port : 465)
Check this page to Learn more about how To Setup SMTP in mailing
Step 12:
Check the options Requires a secure connection and Requires authentication.
Step 13:
Hit Next Finish.
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