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A hearing aid is a device that amplifies sound to assist people with hearing loss to hear better. Hearing aids are recognised as medical devices.
Hearing aids are not suitable for everyone who suffers from a hearing loss. However, just 1 in 5 persons who could benefit from them do so. They're usually for folks who have problems with their inner ear or the nerve that connects the ear to the brain. The following factors can cause harm:

• Aging
• Disturbing sounds
• Medications

Hearing loss caused by anomalies in the ear canal, eardrum, or middle ear is known as conductive hearing loss. Surgery or other forms of medical intervention can usually help. However, those solutions aren't appropriate for everyone. If you have an open ear canal and a normal external ear, a hearing aid may be advantageous.

Some people are born without an external ear or ear canal, making it impossible for them to utilise a traditional hearing aid. Instead, individuals might be able to employ a gadget that sends sound to their inner ear via their skull's bone.

How are you going to get one?
Ask your normal doctor to refer you to an ENT if you don't already have one. This professional can assess and treat your hearing loss.
The Audiologist will perform an examination to determine the source of your