UAE has introduced specific legal provisions and assigned entities for protecting consumer rights.

Consumer Protection Law: The UAE has a comprehensive Consumer Protection Law. The objective of the Consumer Protection Law and Executive Regulation is to protect Consumer Rights Dubai and health and safety. This law covers areas such as product safety, warranties, and dispute resolution.

Price Controls: The UAE government monitors and regulates the prices of essential goods to prevent price gouging and ensure that consumers have access to affordable products.

Warranty and Refund Policies: Businesses in UAE are required to provide warranties for products and services. Consumers have the right to return or exchange faulty or unsatisfactory products and receive a refund.

Consumer Complaints: Consumers can file complaints with the authorities if they encounter unfair or unethical business practices. The government takes consumer complaints seriously and investigates when necessary.
Consumer Rights in UAE

The UAE’s consumers are granted the following rights:
To be provided an appropriate and safe environment when purchasing a good or receiving a service
To obtain correct information about the goods they purchase, use or consume or the service they receive.
To be informed about their rights and obligations.
To have the right to choose the most appropriate product and service available in the market according to their wishes.
To obtain fair compensation for damages they suffer as a result of purchasing or using defective goods or receiving inadequate or unprofessional services.