The world of Neon Genesis Evangelion seemed to have disdain for adults. Not only that the antagonist was a grown man, but most of the adults here were living in a purgatory. They lived stressful and self-destructive lives, with mental and emotional problems hounding them. I mean, it could be nice for a young girl to grow up to be a hottie, like Misato or Ritsuko. Only to struggle with bouts of depression, substance dependence and ruined relationships. Misato even had a thing for young boys! And if living in an anime purgatory wasn’t enough, they were set to exit the Evangelion universe the harsh way. Misato and Ritsuko both caught a bullet in their last minutes. And as if adding more injuries to injuries, Misato was ripped apart in an explosion.

And how about the rest?

Well, the remaining grownups were either murdered by raiding commandos, or reduced to orange juice. So much for adulting in the Evangelion universe. And among all the unfortunate adults, Kaji seems to be pretty chill. He does look like someone who never showered for days, but he was blessed with a rare mental stability, unlike the rest of the Evangelion characters. But then, he would share their fate of horrendous death soon, and an odd fan theory seemed to blame Misato for this.

How Kaji Died
Kaji in the Rebuild series.

Again, seasoned fans knew perfectly well how our guy went. But to first timers, Kaji got the traditional “Evangelion adult send-off" reserved only to well-loved characters of the series. You know, you must go in a brutal way, hence Kaji met his end by being shot by an unknown assailant. His job should be blamed for his untimely death, since Kaji was involved in some shadowy deals. He was a man of ambiguous loyalty. A triple agent working as an inspector for NERV, while also investigating the organization for the Japanese Ministry of the Interior, and at times being the one tasked to do unpleasant jobs both for and against Gendo Ikari and SEELE. Confusing, huh? All in all, his pers