Committed to Compassionate Care: Role of NDIS Disability Support Workers

Disability Support workers are an integral part of providing great care to people with disabilities. A good support worker can help the participants to live independently and pursue various life goals through proper assistance. According to NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, a support worker is anyone who is either employed or involved in providing NDIS supports and services to people with disabilities. There are certain professional qualifications as well as personal commitments that the support worker is accountable for in order to ensure ideal care for the NDIS participants.

A good support worker can bring quality changes in the life of a participant. They can help the participants with household tasks, personal care, supervision of medicine intake, assistance with transport to meet loved ones, provide emotional support etc. A skilled and experienced support worker will always respect your choice and privacy. They never make any decisions on your behalf without your informed consent. They will quickly address your concerns regarding the care you receive and find immediate solutions. NDIS disability support workers are expected to deliver all your supports and services in a competent manner.

That means they must know how to do their job properly. In addition to all these responsibilities, disability support workers are also accountable for taking preventive measures against all forms of violence and exploitation against the participants. Aastha Community Services have years of experience in disability care. We always employ support workers who are properly trained and qualified to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients. Here at Aastha, we believe that having compassion and empathy towards participants is as important as being competent. Hence, we always strive to find those qualities in the people we recruit. Contact us to connect with disability support workers who best understand your needs.