Black Phenyl – Advita Lifesciences

Advita Lifesciences black phenyl is hard on the flies, ants, and mosquitos but soft on your pockets. This ready to use phenyl can be used for floor cleaning, toilet, kitchen platform and bathroom cleaning. Kills 99.99 percent of bacteria. Keeps flies, ants, and mosquitoes away, gives the floor shine and whiteness. Its maximum and strong concentration gives the mop very good cleaning results. Try it.
Uses :
1. Disinfect all kind of surfaces with a tested guarantee of cleaning 99.99 percent of bacteria
2. Keeps flies, ants, and mosquitoes away
3. It removes even dirt stains
4. Covers up the odour due to strong original phenyl smell
5. Bactericidal
6. Sanitization in corporate houses, hospitals, nursing homes, labs, public toilets, homes, schools, cinema halls etc

Directions for use:
For regular use: Dilute 20 ml of phenyl in 1 litre of water or in same
proportion for more water, use it directly to clean the floor to get a clean &
shiny surface. Shake well before use.

For better results: Dilute 40 ml of phenyl in 1 litre of water or in same proportion for more water. Shake well before use
This product is manufactured with the utmost care and quality. Compared to other over-the-counter formulations of phenyl, this product stands out in terms of quality. Its trademark ensures pure quality as much as possible, without compromise, tampering, or unethical methods. Another advantage is affordability, attractive packaging of 1L and 5L and healthy cleaning. So, choose us when choosing pocket smart.
NOTE: Not meant to be ingested or for internal use. In case of accidental situation immediately get the necessary treatment.
Storage Conditions: Store phenyl in a cool, dry, ventilated area away from sun light, sources of heat or direct ignition.
Legal disclaimer: Advita Lifesciences is not responsible for any kind of misuse of the product by users. All matters are subjected to Bhilwara Jurisdiction only.