We all know that the Gundam universe never shied away from topics like death. In fact, being a war and an anti-war themed anime, deaths and kills are a common part of its episodes. Sure, we always see mobile suits being blown to wrecks, but being too busy admiring the action, we paid little attention to the pilot inside. Did he go to pieces like his suit? Or burned to death? It’s hard to imagine, and thankfully, but no thanks as well, the Gundam series sometimes gave us glimpses on how the pilots perished, in graphic details. At some point, the deaths are exaggerated, bizarre, or sometimes unintentionally funny or satisfying. Simply it’s too gory that it’s unrealistic. And with too much time in our hands, we then searched the Gundam universe for those deaths that will make your stomach turn, and laugh all the same.

And by the way, we came up with only seven. I think there is more out there.

Special Mention: Victory Gundam's Helmet Scene
You don't want to know what's inside the helmet.

This one deserves a special mention, due to its disturbing contents.

If one might ask what are the goriest Gundam series, I will say SEED and Victory. If SEED was emotional, Victory was dark in terms of violent deaths. Deaths here were common, and a particularly notorious one involved a thirteen-year-old Uso holding a helmet. And that was no ordinary helmet, it actually belonged to his mom when she was alive… a while ago. Because inside that helmet was his mom’s bloody severed head! Mueller Migel, his mom lost her head during a hostage situation. And the next scenes showed the kid carrying what remained of her mother.

Like a friend said, Victory Gundam’s deaths were disturbing, while SEED deaths were arousing.

1. Nicole Belly Hugging an Anti-Ship Sword
And he loves to play the piano.

And now that we speak of SEED deaths, those were meant to raise the emotional heat. Sometimes, the deaths were unrealistic and inconsistent. I mean a mere contact with a beam saber means instant v