Best Leave Management Systems in Corporate Industries.

What is Leave Management Systems ?

The Leave Management system is a process When employees leave wants to any reason then how the company processes it. It states for the leave management process.

The various types of Leave :

1. Sick Leave
2. Casual Leave
3. Paid Leave
4. Unpaid Leave
5. Matrimonial Leave

1. Sick Leave (SL)

If the employee's health is very bad or if any ill disease has occurred, then he can get sick leave easily applied from the company.

2. Casual Leave (CL)

If the employee's any reason can apply for leave in advance if it is on leave due to attend any event.

3. Paid Leave (PL)

Employees can take these leaves without incurring any salary reductions if they obtain prior management consent.

4. Unpaid Leave (UPL)

Employees can often need an extra leave so this apply for a company but in reduction for a salary.

5. Matrimonial Leave (ML)

Employees may be awarded anything from one to fifteen days of paid or matrimonial leave to apply for a company.