Best ceramics shop in Sitakunda

Commode Series: Stella is a premium quality brand of sanitary ware developed to satisfy the demand of the urban elite who aspire for international quality products and high-end designs. What sets Stella apart from its contemporaries is its collaboration with the ceramic giant SACMI of Italy. Stella has an array of collections of commode and basins in Italian designs. With each model in five basic light colors with respective marble shade option and three premium colors, you will be spoilt for choices. With supreme body strength and anti-scratch properties, Stella sanitary wares promise durability and longevity. The local markets are flooded with foreign products which usually cost the buyer a fortune with the associated problem of lack of availability of replacement parts. Stella performs as good as the internationally renowned brands, goes easy on your pocket and has readily available replacement parts. We have succeeded in producing such world-class sanitary ware locally just because we have taken the ‘Toilet Science’ quite seriously. We contemplated that there is actually a lot of technology in it. First, there is physics, including fluid dynamics and flow optimization. It involves chemistry and material science – such as understanding the properties of the clay used to manufacture a toilet is vital. Finally there is statistics – every element of the toilet’s geometry and engineering must be analyzed statistically to ensure that it will function reliably. Do visit our stores and experience the new luxury sanitary ware in town-Stella. Stella commode aaaaavailable at the best ceramics shop in Sitakunda.

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