Bacta Cult – Septic Activator- Amalgam Biotech

Bacta Cult “Septic Activator” is a powerful combination of safe, naturally occurring microorganisms. Septic Activator is a biological solution for residential and commercial septic systems, holding tanks and portable toilets.

When added to any type of septic system, the beneficial bacteria in activates and begin to secrete enzymes that digest and decompose feces, urine, grease, fats, food scraps, detergents and other organic wastes. The environmentally harmless microbes in Septic Activator rapidly multiply in the septic system, thereby restoring its biological health and efficiency.

Modern day there is a problem for septic tank systems because beneficial septic tank bacteria are routinely killed by chemicals we frequently flush down drains and toilets. These include chlorine bleach, caustic drain cleaners, disinfectants, toilet bowl cleaners, some detergents.

Since most of us do not pay much attention to what we flush into our tanks, most septic systems now in use are not in good biological “health”, particularly in septic systems which are heavily used by the public (in campgrounds, parks, restaurants, hotels and apartments).

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