Automotive Leather Market- Industry Analysis and Forecast (2020-2027)

Genuine leather is dominating the segment as genuine leather is a natural material. This leather is an absorbent material, allows perspiration and is porous, for this reason, it can be used in summer and winter. Genuine leather reduces irritations and the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, Genuine Leather resists rain and can be waterproofed. Though leather continues to reign supreme in the spectrum of automotive interiors, it takes a backseat when moral and ethical considerations enter the picture. Recently, use of leather for automotive interiors has been facing a strong backlash from growing animal welfare concern, consequently, the entry of viable alternatives, such as vinyl, is underlining that fact that non-leather materials can also excellently mimic the feel and appearance of leather. Additionally, vinyl’s low maintenance and affordable price point play an important role in enhancing its visibility in the automotive interior materials space.

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