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Plastic waste management integrates monitoring, controlling, and recycling to lessen landfill burden. It involves Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), waste management systems, and initiatives like Zero Waste to Landfill in India.... Read More

Bio culture for composting accelerates decomposition, enhances nutrient availability, and improves compost quality. It consists of beneficial microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. These bio live cultures break down organic matter... Read More

Waste composters, also known as organic waste converters, like those from DCC Group in Delhi, streamline the management of food waste. These organic compost machines sort, reduce size, and digest... Read More

DCC Group Ballistic separators employ bounce screening and gravity separation techniques to segregate waste and materials. The oscillating deck with agitating paddles facilitates ballistic separation based on size and weight,... Read More

Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) is produced from municipal solid waste by shredding non-recyclable components. The RDF manufacturing process involves drying and processing materials like plastics, paper, cardboard, and textiles. An RDF... Read More

Waste composting machines, also known as composter machines or kitchen waste composting machines, simplify organic waste management by sorting, reducing, and digesting refuse. With automatic composters like those from DCC... Read More

A Trommel Screen, a compost or portable trommel, is a heavy-duty screening machine used in waste processing and MSW plants. It features a cylindrical drum with holes of specific sizes... Read More

Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) in waste management involves converting waste into pellets or derived materials through an RDF manufacturing process, often using an RDF shredder. These pellets are then used to... Read More

In India, rapid construction growth has caused a surge in C&D waste. Effective C&D waste management, C&D waste recycling AND C&D waste processing are crucial. This requires stricter regulations, infrastructure... Read More

Bio-mining machines for the biomining of legacy waste, coupled with compost bioremediation techniques. This integrated approach aims to transform dumpsites into clean, sustainable spaces, contributing to the goal of making... Read More