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Alumni Portal – Connect and Thrive with vmedulife's Alumni Management

Unlock the strength of your institution with the Alumni Portal by vmedulife. Alumni, the formidable support system, plays a crucial role in academic matters, student support, and resource mobilization. A... Read More

Effortless Event Planning with Event Management Software

Experience a new level of efficiency in event coordination with our cutting-edge Event Management Software. Seamlessly plan and execute events for your organization with unparalleled ease. This comprehensive tool empowers... Read More

Placement Portal – Elevate Success with vmedulife's Training and Placement Management

Tailored to address the requirements of students, colleges, and recruiters, vmedulife’s Placement Portal is a comprehensive Training and placement Management System. From the student’s perspective to TPOs and recruiters, our... Read More

Examination Result Analysis made easy with vmedulife

Effortlessly streamline the management of examination data for offline exams with the cutting-edge vmedulife Result Analysis module. From seamless examination scheduling to dynamic question paper generation, streamlined student enrollment, and... Read More

Autonomous Software Excellence: Transforming Assessments with vmedulife

Effortlessly manage examination data for autonomous institutes with vmedulife’s Autonomous Software module. From seamless examination scheduling to question paper generation, student enrollment, and efficient handling of pre and post-examination... Read More

Academic Planning – vmedulife Software

Academic Planning module offers best in class features of online classes, timetable generation, proposed syllabus, completion report, gap analysis, teaching aids/methodologies and student’s attendance of session. Get ready with the... Read More

OBE Software for Outcome Based Education| Enhance Assessment

OBE Software revolutionizes education by adopting Outcome-Based Education (OBE) principles. In this approach, curriculum decisions, instruction, and assessment are tailored to align with the exit learning outcomes. Embracing the philosophy... Read More

Campus Management System | ERP Higher Education – vmedulife

vmedulife is a cloud-based campus management system provider for various educational institutions. vmedulife was established in 2013, we have developed a campus management system that helps the students, faculties, and... Read More