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What is DMIT, Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test – Brainwonders

The full form of DMIT is Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test, which is a scientific study associated with fingerprint patterns & brain lobes. Brainwonders is primarily a Career counselling centre. It focusses... Read More

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IQ Test is a test which helps one to asses and set intellectual benchmarks. IQ tests are a standardised psychometric test to measure ‘Intelligence Quotient. Brainwonders is primarily a Career counselling... Read More

What is Aptitude test, How to take Brainwonders Online Aptitude Test?

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What is Psychometric Test, Online Psychometric Tests & Assessments – Brainwonders

A Psychometric test refers to a range of psychological assessments which are used to evaluate the human thought and behaviour. What is Psychometric Test? Try online psychometric tests with Brainwonders. Brainwonders... Read More

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